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Elevate Your Space with Positive Energy and Balance.


Vastu Vinyl White Color Tape

Vastu Vinyl Red Color Tape

Vastu Vinyl Yellow Color Tape

Vastu Vinyl Green Color Tape

Vastu Vinyl Blue Color Tape

Vastu Metal Strip – Brass

Vastu Metal Strip – Aluminium

Vastu Metal Strip – Iron

Vastu Metal Strip – Stainless Steel

Vastu Metal Strip – Copper

Kuber Brass Statue – Large

Indra Brass Statue – Large

Dhanwantri Brass Statue – Medium

Kamdhenu Cow Brass Statue – Large

Nandi Bull Brass Statue – Large

Brass Deer – Medium

Brass Turtle – Medium

Brass Smiling Sun – Medium

Brass Lion – Large

Brass Garuda Medium

Pair of Brass Rabbits (Black & White)

Brass Owl – Large

Ashoka Stambh

Vastu Toilet Pacifier

Vastu Agni Balancer (Kitchen Remedy)

Entrance Blocker (Door Blocker)

Virtual Entry Opener

Vastu Zone Correction – (Zone Cutter)

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