Vastu tips for Factory in Dubai

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Are you looking for a factory Vastu in Dubai or nearby area, then here are some key tips from Best Vastu consultant in Dubai, Vaastukul LLC –

Location and Orientation

The location and orientation of a factory are crucial for its success. The factory should ideally face north or east to allow maximum sunlight and ventilation. The entrance of the factory should be in the north, east, or northeast direction. Avoid placing the entrance in the southwest direction, as it can lead to financial losses.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the factory should be square or rectangular. Avoid irregular shapes or odd angles, as they can create negative energies. The factory should be neither too small nor too large. It should have enough space for equipment, workers, and movement.

Internal Layout

The internal layout of the factory should follow the principles of Vastu. The heavy machinery should be in the southwest direction, while the administrative offices should be in the northeast or north direction. The production area should be in the east, north, or northeast direction. The workers should face east or north while working. Avoid placing the workers facing south, as it can cause health problems.

Colors and Materials

The colors and materials used in the factory can also affect the energies. Use light and soothing colors for the walls, such as white, beige, or light blue. Avoid dark colors, as they can create a gloomy atmosphere. Use good quality and durable materials for the construction of the factory. The materials should be free from defects, cracks, or irregularities. Consult best Vastu Consultant in Dubai, Vaastukul LLC for accurate colors as per the zones.

Lighting and Ventilation

The lighting and ventilation of the factory should be adequate. There should be enough natural light and ventilation to promote a healthy and productive work environment. The artificial lighting should be bright and evenly distributed. The windows should be clean and free from obstructions.

Energy Boosters

Use energy boosters is essential to enhance the energies of the factory. Install a water fountain in the northeast or north direction to promote positivity and prosperity. Use plants in the east or north direction to purify the air and create a soothing atmosphere. Use of crystals, wind chimes, or mirrors to attract positive energies.

In conclusion, by following Vastu principles when designing and building a factory, we can help create a positive and productive work environment. By promoting the flow of positive energies, we can improve the health, well-being, and prosperity of workers and business.

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