Effect of 32 Entrances at Home or Office in Dubai

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Vastu Consultation UAE

The location and direction of the main entrance of a house can have a significant impact on the well-being and success of its occupants. While there is a popular belief that entrances in the East or North are always favorable, it is important to consider the specific 32 zones of the house to accurately determine the effects. The effects of the 32 main entrance zones are as follows:

North Zone:

N1: Possibility of harm due to bad intentions of others.

N2: Increased enmity and jealousy.

N3: Potential for excess money, benefits in new work, and continuous gain.

N4: Possibility of receiving wealth and property from ancestors.

N5: Tendency towards religious activities, leading to disinterest in progress.

N6: Weak connectivity in society.

N7: Girls may not believe in traditions and make decisions that go against their family’s wishes.

N8: Increased savings and higher bank balance.

East Zone:

E1: Possibility of fire-related accidents and accidental loss.

E2: Likelihood of extra expenditure.

E3: Potential for wealth and success.

E4: Opportunity to get closer to the government, gain in government work, and acquire money.

E5: Tendency towards aggressive behavior, more anger, and short temper.

E6: Tendency towards commitment failure.

E7: Possibility of insensitive behavior.

E8: Increased financial losses, theft, and losses.

South Zone:

S1: Negative effect on male children.

S2: Good for job growth.

S3: Potential for money and success.

S4: Possibility of profitable output.

S5: Possibility of debts and blocked mind.

S6: Possibility of leading to poverty.

S7: Possibility of poverty and wastage of efforts.

S8: Tendency towards disconnection with people.

West Zone:

W1: Negative impact on age and wealth.

W2: Possibility of insecurity in important aspects of life, especially in close relationships.

W3: Potential for growth and prosperity.

W4: Possibility of leading a balanced life.

W5: Possibility of perfectionist attitude and high ambition.

W6: Tendency towards mental stress and depression.

W7: Possibility of drug addiction.

W8: Tendency towards adopting unfair methods for personal benefit.

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