How to select land for home, industry or farming

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Vastu Consultation UAE

Follow the below Vastu tips to carefully inspect the land before purchase –

• Research the history of the land before purchasing. Consider what was previously located on the land.

• Avoid irregularly shaped plots and only consider square and rectangular plots with a length to width ratio of no more than 2:1.

• Check the slope of the plot and aim for a slope towards the North or Northeast for optimal results.

• Consider the facing of the plot from the main road and select a property based on the owner’s Astro script.

• Choose the right time to purchase the land by consulting the owner’s Astro script.

• Assess the quality and contents of the soil on the plot.

• Evaluate the surroundings of the plot, including any high-rise buildings that may block sunlight or fresh air.

• Avoid plots located at T-junctions or dead ends by checking the roads around the plot.

For more information and guidance on property selection, Consult the best Vastu consultant in Dubai, Vaastukul LLC.

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