Vastu for Kitchen: 7 Important Tips

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Follow the below Vastu tips to get the best out of your kitchen –

• The most suitable location for placing the kitchen burner is in the Fire zone (SE, SSE, and South). Additionally, the West zone is also considered appropriate for the kitchen.

• It is strongly advised to avoid placing the kitchen in the NE zone.

• The use of black-colored granite should be avoided in the Fire zone kitchen, and instead, shades of red, cream, or off-white colors are recommended. Replacing the kitchen granite with marble is suggested.

• The kitchen, kitchen platform, and utensils must be cleaned daily at night before sleeping.

• It is crucial to ensure that the kitchen sink is not blocked, as a blocked sink can have a similar effect to that of a toilet.

• The kitchen garbage bin must be cleaned on a daily basis.

• Having a window or exhaust fan in the kitchen is essential.

• While cooking, facing East is considered the most favorable direction.

For more guidance and Vastu designs for your kitchen, consult the best Vastu expert in Dubai, Vaastukul LLC.

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