Inviting Positive Energy into Your Living Room

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Vastu Consultation UAE

Welcome Positive Energy in the Living Room through Vastu Tips

These are the easy ways to bring positive energy in your living room –

  • Ensure that the living room has sufficient sunlight as it brings positive energy in the house. Early morning sun rays are the most beneficial. Keep the glass windows clean and curtains open to maximize the sunlight.
  • Keep the living room well-lit at all times as darkness can bring negativity. Use bright colors on the walls, furniture, and curtains to create a brighter and livelier atmosphere. Check for any cracks or seepage on the walls and repair them promptly.
  • Remove all clutter and unwanted items from the living room to maintain a lighter and more spacious environment.
  • Add fresh flowers or scent diffusers to the living room to create a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Consider using Himalayan salt lamps or healing crystals in the living room to promote positive energy and reduce negative influences.
  • Add a pinch of rock salt to the floor-mopping water daily (except on Sundays) to remove any negativity from the living room floor.
  • Avoid bringing outdoor shoes inside the living room; instead, keep them outside the house.
  • Open the windows or balcony for a few minutes daily to allow fresh air to circulate in the living room.
  • Add some indoor plants to the living room to enhance its aesthetic appeal and promote a sense of tranquillity.

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